11. I only know the French name of a certain beef cut. Can you help me work out which one it is to see if it is available from Stockyard?


Australia Australian Food Service (portioned) US French
Hump/ Chuck crest   Hump  
Neck   Neck Roast Collier sans os
Chuck Roll   Chuck Roll Train de Cotes
Chuck Eye Roll Chuck Steak Chuck Eye Roll boneless Entrecote seconde
Chuck Tender   Chuck (mock) tender Jumeau de rumsteck/ Filet d'Epaule
Oyster Blade   Top Blade Dessus de palette
Blade/ Clod   Shoulder Clod Paleron/ Boule de macreuse/ Pais D'Epaule
Brisket   Brisket Poitrine
Flank Steak   Flank Steak Bavette flanchet
Thick Skirt/ Hanging Tender   Hanging Tender Onglet
Thin Skirt/ Outside Skirt   Outside Skirt Hampe
Inside Skirt   Inside Skirt Bavette d/aloyau
Cube Roll/ Rib eye roll Rib Eye Steak Ribeye (lip on) Roll Entrecote
Ribs Prepared/ OP Rib (bone-in) OP Rib Steak Beef OP Rib  
Short Ribs   Short Ribs  
Back Rib   Back Rib Plat 8 cotes
Intercostals   Rib Finger  
Chuck Short Ribs   Short Ribs (from Chuck) Plat 5 cotes
Striploin Sirloin Striploin Faux filet avec chainette
Rump Rump Steak Top Sirloin Butt Noix (ouer) de Rumstek/ Culotte
Tri tip/ bottom sirloin triangle   Tri-tip/ bottom sirloin triangle Aiguillette rumsteak
Tenderloin Eye Fillet Tenderloin Filet avec chainette
Rump Cap   Top Sirloin Cap Aiguillette baronne
Silverside   Gooseneck Semelle
Outside Flat   Bottom (outside) round/ Flat Tranche Carree
Topside/ Inside   Top (inside) round Tende de Tranche/ Coin Entier
Eye Round   Eye of Round Piece Ronde/ Oreille/ Rond de gite
Heel muscle   Heel of Round Fauxe Jarret/ Nerveux de gite/ Epais du Jnaset
Knuckle   Knuckle (Sirloin Tip) Jarret ou Gite Arriere

*sourced from U.S. Meat Export Federation