1. Why can't I get more tenderloin?
  2. There is less marbling on the tenderloin than I would have expected. Have I received the wrong marble score?
  3. Is the meat halal slaughter?
  4. Is the whole process completed in Australia?
  5. As I cut in to the striploin, there is excessive fat trim on the striploin eye muscle. Why?
  6. How old are the cattle when entering and leaving the feedlot?
  7. Where does the feed come from?
  8. Why can't I get meat the day after boning?
  9. Why do I have to wait two weeks for the cut I want?
  10. What is different about Stockyard beef to other brands?
  11. I only know the French name of a certain beef cut. Can you help me work out which one it is to see if it is available from Stockyard?
  12. What is the approximate weight of a specific loin cut?
  13. What awards has Stockyard and the Kerwee Feedlot received?
  14. What is the genetic make-up of Stockyard wagyu and what does Wagyu F1 mean?